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 Home Comfort Systems 

How Home Comfort Systems Work?


You deserve to be comfortable, home comfort really starts with a matched system.


A matched system is made up of components that are designed to work together to provide greater efficiency, reliability and comfort.


How your home's air gets cleaned, heated and cooled?


Your home's air is pulled through a return duct into the furnace. If an air filtration system is present, the air first passes through the filter and is cleansed. When heating, the air is then circulated through the heat exchanger where it is heated to the temperature set by the thermostat. A blower then pushes the air into the duct system, where it blows out of the vents and circulates throughout the home.


When cooling, the air pulled into the system from the return grill is cooled by the air handling unit, usually located inside the home. This equipment uses refrigerant to remove the heat from the air. The blower then pushes the cooled air into the duct system and out to the rooms of the home.


About Airflow


When airflow is restricted or released inappropriately through duct leaks, it can cause hot and cold spots, noise, and even vibration. Duct leaks also contribute significantly to the length of time it takes to heat and cool the home. More importantly, it's wasted utility dollars because of inefficient energy usage.


A common problem that contributes to bad air is dirty ducts. The ducts in any home, even new homes, can contain contaminants, dirt and debris that blows into the air in your home every day. A simple duct cleaning could significantly reduce some health problems associated with these contaminants.


Like water pressure, air pressure can either be positive (air fills the room and cannot escape quickly, causing high pressure) or negative (air escapes the room too quickly, creating a vacuum effect). Positive and negative air pressure is identifiable by slamming doors, wind-like noise, hot or cold rooms, and even popping eardrums when the home comfort system is in operation.

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